General Plan of Activities

Work Plan

  • Contributions, reviewing, special sessions, tutorials and attending to the following ISPRS events in collaboration with organizers
    • ISPRS Hannover Workshops 2017 (HRIGI & CMRT)
    • ISPRS GW17 and GW19
    • Comm. I Symposium 2018
    • Comm. IV Symposium 2018
    • ISPRS Congress 2020
  • Organisation of own scientific events:
    • IC WG I/IV Workshop on 'Robotics, Mobile Mapping and Urban Modelling' 2019 (Working Title) (as stand-alone conference at FHNW Basel or as joint event with MMT 2019)
  • Fostering collaboration with WG I/7, WG IV/5 (Indoor/Outdoor seamless modelling, LBS, mobility) and WG II/XX (topics: 3D reconstruction / SLAM)
  • Contact to sister communities, esp. in Robotics / Autonomous Vehicle Navigation
  • Generation and distribution of play ground data for indoor and outdoor robotic mapping; contest and evaluation