General Plan of Activities

Proposed Events

  • In cooperation with workshop organizers, contributions and support as reviewers for HRIGI, Mid-term Symposia 2018, WHISPERS-Workshop, ISPRS Hannover Workshop 2017, ISPRS Nice 2020.
  • Special Session "Spectral sensing with UAVs - from sensors to applications" UAV-g in Bonn (TC1/WG1 and 5).
  • Optionally, contributions to additional special sessions in cooperation with workshop organizers.

Proposed Publications

  • Contributions to special issues in cooperation with workshop organizers for previously mentioned events (if planned).
  • Contributions to a special issue concerning the new hyperspectral satellite sensor like EnMAP and DESIS on the multisystem platform MUSES.

Reference and Benchmarking Data

  • Establishing a hyperspectral benchmark data set from airborne HySPEX VNIR/SWIR camera for target detection, spectral unmixing, classification and data simulation. Contest in the frame of a mentioned event using the benchmark dataset and evaluation of state-of-the-art algorithms.


  • The WG will work closely with WG I/1, WG I/6, and related WGs of TC 2 and TC 3.