WG II/10: 3D Mapping for Environmental & Infrastructure Monitoring

Our Mission

ISPRS Working Group II/10 aims at promoting research on and applications of 3D mapping for environmental and infrastructural monitoring. In addition 3D biomedical applications will be covered. In this way we directly contribute to the ISPRS 2016-2020 commitment to reach the full potential of information extraction from in our case 3D imagery and scan data “through research and development, scientific networking, international co-operation, inter-disciplinary integration and education and training”

To reach these goals the WG will organize workshops, notably the bi-annual ISPRS Laser Scanning workshop, and the bi-annual ISPRS workshop on Photogrammetric techniques for video surveillance, biometrics, and biomedicine. In addition the WG will link and contribute to related workshops and sessions organized by sister organizations, including the EGU, IAG and FIG, on notably close and near- range deformation analysis and geo-environmental mapping. For educating the new generation scientists, the WG will aim at establishing a bi-annual Summer School on Close Range Sensing Techniques in Alpine Terrain. Clearly these activities will be performed in close cooperation with other WGs in- and out-side Commission II.

Existing and new contacts with industry and governmental organizations will be exploited to contribute to standards, and realize best practices on 3D change detection and monitoring for environmental, infrastructural and biomedical applications in cooperation with the different stakeholders.


Working Group Officers:


Roderik LindenberghRoderik Lindenbergh
Delft University of Technology
Department of Geoscience & Remote Sensing
The Netherlands
+31 15 27 87649

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Martin RutzingerMartin Rutzinger
Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research
Austrian Academy of Sciences
+43 512 507 49480

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Vladimir KnyazVladimir Knyaz
Machine vision department
State research Institute of Aviation Systems
+7 499 157 3127

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Belén RiveiroBelén Riveiro
Applied Geotechnologies group
Dept. Materials Engineering, Applied Mechanics and Construction
University of Vigo
+34 986 130 151

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Key Support Personnel  

Daniel WujanzDaniel Wujanz
Institute of Geodesy and
Geoinformation Science
Technische Universität Berlin
+49 30 314 22374

Industrial Representative  

Christoph HeldChristoph Held
Zoller & Fröhlich GmbH
Simoniusstrasse 22
88239 Wangen im Allgäu
+49 (0) 7522 9308-548

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Terms of Reference:

  • Improve  methodology for 3D mapping and monitoring of geohazards, geomorphology and vegetation
  • Study and promote  the use of 3D photogrammetric techniques for inspection and life cycle monitoring of  infrastructures like bridges, buildings, dikes, and to improve on the integration with structural component analysis
  • Analyse, share and promote best 3D approaches and results in biomedical applications in collaboration with the biomedical society
  • Study techniques for near-continuous spatio-temporal 3D monitoring of environmental, infrastructural and biomedical processes.
  • Evaluation and integration of new 3D and 2D imaging sensors for the purpose of 3D mapping for environmental and infrastructure monitoring