University College London (UCL) has provided seed funding for their 3DIMPact group to build a prototype online knowledge base of 3D metrology. This is initially focused on portable 3D for manufacturing purposes but it will also address relevant areas to either side of the metrology spectrum such as as-built recording of process plant or the calibration of Coordinate Measurement Machines.

The 12-month project ends in mid-March 2017 but the developers are seeking further funding which will bring the project to a level where it can be tested in public. Currently the website is accessible only to the project members and a group of outside supporters, but anyone wishing to contribute in some way can apply for access.

If public testing indicates a wide audience for this resource, then the developers will seek sponsorship to make the website operational with self-sustaining revenue for its maintenance and further development. Two major systems manufactures have recently confirmed support for the use of their images and documents which can support the learning activities.