Membership Benefits

Individuals with inter-disciplinary interests in the applications of Earth observations and geospatial technologies for health research and public health practice are invited to join.

The ISPRS membership is maintained by national organizations and professional societies which represent over 100 nations and regions from all continents.  Individuals do not need to pay membership fees for joining any working group within the ISPRS.  


Opportunities and Benefits

  • Participation in the Working Group (WG) offers opportunities for scientific, technological, and educational collaboration, as well as the exchange of information and scholarly findings among members with shared or cross-cutting interests.
  • Members can improve research efficiency and outcomes through the community exchange of ideas and expertise provided by this forum, as well as through participation in WG sponsored events.
  • Members can promote and extend the reach of their work by posting information on the WG website, and can utilize this forum to identify interested collaborators for specific projects.