ISPRS Test Project on Urban Classification and 3D Building Reconstruction: Results

Vaihingen Roads Area 1 Detection Area 1 Reconstruction Area 2 Detection Area 2 Reconstruction Area 3 Detection Area 3 Reconstruction

Toronto Roads Area 4 Detection Area 4 Reconstruction Area 5 Detection Area 5 Reconstruction

News related to the test results

  • The special issue (theme section) of the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing with a focus on our ISPRS benchmark test has been published, check here. We are grateful to all authors and reviewers making this special issue a very interesting one!
  • Paper with first results and discussion accepted for the Melbourne congress: Click here
  • ...the presentation slides can be downloaded here (long version)

Individual results:

Click on the ortho photo: per area we have detection and reconstruction results, in addition roads per Vaihingen and Toronto. A general description of the evaluation measures is given in this document.

For the labeling challenge find the results in the left pane, or here directly:

Vaihingen labeling challenge 2D

Potsdam labeling challenge 2D

Vaihingen labeling challenge 3D

Vaihingen Results (Detection and 3D Reconstruction)

Vaihingen/Enz Test Area

Toronto Results

Toronto Test Area