General Plan of Activities

Within the group

As the WG is wide spread geographically, and in view of limited resources of time and travel budgets, the WG will mainly act through virtual meetings (e.g. teleconferences, skype meetings or similar) and through E-mail exchange. From case to case, thematic sessions within other conferences of ISPRS, EARSeL and GEO may be possible.

Within Technical Commission IV

Based on the WG activities, an annual summary report will be provided to COM IV and COM III.

Within ISPRS

The Inter Commission Working Group IV/III on Global Mapping: updating, verification and interoperability will closely exchange results with other WG of both Commissions.
Based on the WG activities and results, a final report will be submitted in due time to ISPRS as input to the ISPRS Conference in Nice 2020.

With organisations outside of ISPRS

The advances of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) and of GEO will be followed closely. The feedback to these groups should be maintained by members who will be working in both groups.