Up-to-date spatial models of indoor environments are needed in a growing number of applications, including navigation, emergency response and a range of location-based services. In recent years, several approaches to automated generation of indoor models from point clouds have been developed. However, until now it has not been possible to experimentally compare the performance of these methods due to the lack of benchmark datasets and a common evaluation framework. This ISPRS scientific initiative addresses this issue by creating a benchmark dataset comprising several point clouds captured by different sensors in various indoor environments. The project will also organise a benchmark test for the evaluation and comparison of indoor modelling methods based on manually created reference models and appropriate quality evaluation criteria. The datasets will be available for download from the ISPRS website, and interested participants will be invited to test their methods and submit their results for evaluation. The submitted models will be evaluated from a geometric, semantic and topologic point of view, and the results will be published on the ISPRS website.

More information coming soon!