Council restructuring

by Christian Heipke (comments: 3)

Members and ISPRS community at large are asked for comments

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Dear member of the ISPRS community,

In recent months Council has assessed the internal structure of the ISPRS governing body and has come to the conclusion that some changes are advantageous. Implementing these changes requires changing the statutes and bylaws and can therefore only be done during the next General Assembly to be held in Nice, France, in 2020.

We believe that such changes should be based on a brought discussion among the whole ISPRS community, and we want to start this discussion in good time in order for all memebrs of our community to be able to make up your mind, give feedback if they wish to do so and thus come to a stable solution for the future.

Attached is the document we have prepared with respect to the restructuring of the Council. Please feel free to share this document with your colleagues.

Can I ask you to please let us have your comments until Jan. 31, 2019 at the latest, so that we can continue the discussions and prepare an update in time to bring the issue to the General Assembly in Nice.


Thank you very much in advance and all the best,
Yours sincerely,
Christian Heipke
ISPRS President 2016-2020


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Comment by Norbert Pfeifer |

Thank you for taking up this topic. I agree to the "Rationale for Change". The suggested structure is good, but I allow myself to add one thought.

Is it necessary to have the "Vice President"?

The set of Vice President tasks is: Statutes and bylaws, Awards, Publication policy, Student Consortium contact. I know Awards are a notable amount of work, especially before the congress, but apart from that this set of tasks does not seem very big. Would it be an option to distribute those tasks to the President (strategic elements) and the General Secretary (e.g. Awards)?

Comment by Dierk Hobbie |

Congratulation, just perfect !

Comment by Orhan ALTAN |

This is a very important and serious development…We should be very careful when we are doing such a big change…I will send my thoughts on this before the deadline…