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The FINE Benchmark (Fisheye Indoor Narrow spaces Evaluation)

Many researchers are working with fisheye photogrammetry, low-cost image-based sensors and SLAM technologies to define reliable approaches to survey indoor and complex spaces. The different approaches become challenging in narrow environments, such as underground tunnels, mining areas, stairways, etc. The FINE Benchmark wants to provide a set of data to evaluate the performances of different image-based processing methods when surveying complex spaces (Fig. 1). It offers the opportunity to (i) tackle one or more topics that influence the final accuracy of the results and (ii) share and challenge your approach with the community. Participants from academia, research institutes and companies are invited to participate to use the benchmark data and demonstrate their tools, programs, processing methods and developments in elaborating image sets of different types and range-based clouds for the 3D reconstruction of narrow spaces. Presentations dealing with the benchmark data will be included in a special session of the 3D-ARCH 2019 event - no paper required. All participants will jointly prepare a journal paper after the event.

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If you are willing to participate in the FINE Benchmark, please contact:

Fabio Remondino (

Francesco Fassi ( 









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