III/5 Announcement for free Multi-Spectral and Mobile LiDAR data

ISPRS Commission III on ‘Remote Sensing’ and WG III/5 on ‘Information Extraction from LiDAR Intensity Data’ is pleased to announce the availability of two data sets collected using different sensors and platforms. These trial data sets will be likely followed by others to be delivered in the future to support the academic and research community for experimental testing.

Data Set 1 was collected using the dual head sensor system Optech Lynx SG moving along a road in Sun Prairie (Wisconsin, US). A measurement rate (pulse repetition frequency) of 1200 kHz (600 kHz per sensor) and a scanner frequency of 250 Hz each sensor (total of 500 lines per second) has been used. The sample Data Set 1 consists of three strips collected using the two sensors (S1 and S2), stored in 6 LAS files for a total size of 4.5 GB.

Data Set 2 was collected using sensor Optech Titan, the world’s first multispectral airborne LiDAR sensor. Data Set 2 covers a natural coastal area located in Tobermory (Ontario, Canada). LiDAR data include three channels with wavelength 1550 nm, 1064 nm and 532 nm, respectively. Data Set 2 consists of 11 strips, stored in 33 LAS files for a total size of 26.4.

To receive any of the two data sets, please send an email to Dr. Marco Scaioni (, Chair of WG III/5 or Dr. Ahmed Shaker (, Vice-President Commission III or Dr. Mattia Previtali ( who will be the person in charge for handling data applications. Potential users will be asked to communicate their research plan and to send back some feedbacks on their results when available.

Acknowledgements go to Teledyne Optech company (Dr. Ana Kersting) and Dr. Paul La Rocque) for providing Data Sets 1 and 2, respectively. We also encourage other data providers to share new data sets for the ISPRS community.


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