The GeoBIM benchmark project 2019

The GeoBIM benchmark, Scientific initiative 2019 funded by the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) (ISPRS Scientific Initiative 2019) and the European Spatial Data Research association (EuroSDR) has officially started.

It comes from the collaboration between the ISPRS WGs IV/1, IV/2, IV/10 and EuroSDR.

The subject of the project is the investigation of the available technical solutions to support research and activities related to the GeoBIM topic (integration and interoperability of data concerning 3D geoinformation and 3D building information models).

This is the first project that will provide insight into the current state of the art of the open standards implementation in the 3D geo and BIM domain, also identifying remaining issues.



The main objective of the benchmark is to provide a framework describing the present ability of existing software tools to use (read and visualise, import, manage, analyse, export) CityGML and IFC models and understand their performance while doing so.

Three aspects of this problem are examined in the 4 Tasks:

Software support for the individual standards (CityGML and IFC) within their respective domains – i.e. How well is CityGML supported by GIS (and other) tools and IFC by BIM (and other) tools?

  • Task 1 - Support for IFC within BIM (& other) software;
  • Task 3 - Support for CityGML within GIS (& other) tools;

Options for IFC geo-referencing.

  • Task 2 - Options for geo-referencing BIM data;

Conversion procedures CityGML ↔IFC

  • Task 4 - Options for conversion (software and procedural) (both IFC to CityGML and CityGML to IFC).


The Participants

External voluntary Participants are a very important part of the initiative. They perform one or more tasks with the tools they are familiar with, and deliver their results in the provided results template.

This will allow joining the efforts and the individual experiences with specific (technical) tools to build a common list of tools compared following common criteria.

They will all co-author at least one scientific publication together with the benchmark proponents reporting the main results of the benchmark.


See the full information, descriptions and materials in the website:

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Follow the project progress in Researchgate: ResearchGate GeoBIM benchmark project 2019

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