WG I/3: SAR and Microwave Sensing

Our Mission

ISPRS Working group I/3 aims to promote the use and the development of SAR processing methodologies, algorithms, and applications. The WG works on the generation and accuracy assessment of 3D or higher dimensional SAR techniques, e.g. radargrammetry, interferometry, tomography, etc. The possibilities provided by SAR big data, especially with the global coverage provided by Sentinel-1A/B, is another important topic.

To this purpose, the WG organizes workshops to exchange the latest developments on SAR data processing and microwave sensing.

Furthermore, the WG organizes international comparative tests on the performance of algorithms for processing SAR data stacks.


Working Group Officers:


Timo BalzTimo Balz
Wuhan University
129 Luoyu Road
430079 Wuhan
+86 27 6877 9960

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Michael SchmittMichael Schmitt
Technical University of Munich
Signal Processing in Earth Observation
Arcisstr. 21
80333 Munich
+49 89-289-22643

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Rafael RosaRafael Rosa
Visiona Tecnologia Espacial S.A.
Estrada Dr. Altino Bondensan, 500
São José dos Campos
Brazil 12247-016
+55 12 2138-5801

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Teng WangTeng Wang
Nanyang Technological University
Earth Observatory of Singapore
50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798
+65 83 49 49 24
+65 1 43 98 85 81

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Terms of Reference:

  • Investigations on recent and upcoming spaceborne SAR sensors
  • SAR big data and global coverage from Sentinel­1 mission 

  • Investigations on new airborne SAR systems
  • Evaluation of advanced SAR sensor modes and SAR constellations (e.g. bi-static, multi­-baseline, 
multi-­aspect, multi­-frequency, polarimetry etc.) 

  • Fusion of SAR data and complementary data (e.g. optical imagery) 

  • Liaison with other groups and societies, mainly TCIII-2, TCIII-3, as well as IEEE-­GRSS