WG I/5: New 3D Sensors for Metrology and Industrial Vision

Our Mission

ISPRS Working group I/5 aims to promote the developments and investigations on modern active sensing techniques including 3D sensor and system development, analysis of measuring systems, sensor calibration, quality analysis, and metrology and industrial applications of 3D sensors.

To this purpose, the WG distributes sample data of modern 3D sensors. In addition, the WG will establish connections with sister communities/conference with focus on machine vision, such as CVPR, WACV, Machine Vision Applications etc.

Finally, the WG will contribute to SPEC3D, ISPRS Midterm-Symposium 2018, Geospatial week 2019, and ISPRS congress 2020.

Working Group Officers:


Petri RönnholmPetri Rönnholm
Department of Built Environment
Aalto University
P.O. Box 15800
00076 AALTO
+358 50 593 0534

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Marcos SirotaMarcos Sirota
SigmaSpace Corp
4600 Forbes Blvd
+1 301 552 6000


Anttoni JaakkolaAnttoni Jaakkola
Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI
National Land Survey of Finland
Geodeetinrinne 2
02430 Masala
+358 50 349 8108

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Terms of Reference:

  • Developments and investigations on modern active sensing techniques (single photon detection, amplifying, statistics, etc.)
  • Metric quality and (self-)calibration of low-cost 3D sensors (structured light cameras, time-of-flight cameras, etc.)
  • Analysis of low-cost / micro-LIDAR and micro-RADAR systems
  • Advances in industrial applications of 3D sensors (metric measurements, hand-eye-calibration, real-time object identification/recognition)