WG I/8: Satellite Constellations for Remote Sensing

Our Mission

ISPRS Working group I/8 aims to promote the development of new methodologies, algorithms and applications related to high resolution images acquired from Satellite constellations also in comparison to monolithic satellite systems.

To this purpose, the WG organizes workshops to exchange the latest developments regarding satellite constellations and their applications.

Furthermore the WG provides (links to) publicly available datasets and organizes international benchmark test data from satellite constellations to promote the research, development and novel applications.

Finally, the WG will establish links within Commission I and relevant WGs within Commission III and IV.

Working Group Officers:


Rongjun QinRongjun Qin
The Ohio State University
2036 Neil Avenue
Columbus, Ohio
+1 614 292 4356
+1 614 292 3780

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Peter ReinartzPeter Reinartz
Department Photogrammetry and Image Analysis
Remote Sensing Technology Institute
German Aerospace Centre (DLR)
Muenchnerstr. 20
82234 Wessling
+49 8153 28-2757
+49 8153 28-1444

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Joseph MascaroJoseph Mascaro
346 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
+1 734 612 7656

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Min ChenMin Chen
Purdue University
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907
+1 765 2501979

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Terms of Reference:

  • Geometric and radiometric characterization of satellite constellations data
    (e.g. Planet, RapidEye, DMCII, etc.), spectral interpretability analysis.
  • Comparison of constellations and with monolithic systems in algorithms and applications
  • Data quality, usability, availability and timeliness; geometric, radiometric characterization of data from satellite constellations, spectral interpretability through remote sensing studies
  • Advancements in image time series analysis through satellite constellations
  • Evaluation of new applications with single or multiple satellite constellations, e.g. traffic monitoring using video from the space, time series 3D mapping with data from satellite constellations
  • Development and evaluation of new algorithms and software tools of processing high temporal and spatial resolution data
  • Collaborate with ISPRS WGs and other societies, including AGU, IEEE-GRSS,CV and other communities (Civil, Environmental, hydrology, etc.), to promote the use of satellite constellations for remote sensing applications.