ISPRS - Technical Commission III

Remote Sensing


Jie JiangJie Jiang
School of Geomatics and Urban Spatial Informatics,
Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
No.15 Yongyuan Road, Daxing District
Beijing 102616
+86 13910602658


Ahmed ShakerAhmed Shaker
Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Science
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street,
Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2K3


Hongping ZHANGHongping ZHANG
National Geomatics Center of China
28 Lianhuachi West Road
Beijing 100830
+86 10 63881266
+86 10 63881219

Terms of Reference

  • Promote the advanced research, engineering development, and operational use of theories, methods, systems for the analysis of remotely sensed observations of the Earth from air- , space- and ground-borne sensors,
  • Focus on physical modelling of electromagnetic radiation, the analysis of spectral signatures, image classification, data fusion,pattern recognition, and quality control;
  • Enhance the applications in monitoring and assessing environment, landuse/landcover, nature resources, weather/atmosphere and climate, cryosphere, coastal and ocean, forestry/agricultural and ecosystems/biodiversity
  • Integrate the global efforts by effective out-reach through data/algorithms sharing and capacity building, cooperates intensively with national space agencies, alliance with the International Committee On Remote Sensing of Environment (ICORSE)