WG III/1: Thematic Information Extraction

Working Group Officers:


Xianlian LiangXianlian Liang
Finnish Geospatial Research Instittute
National Land Survey of Finland
Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research
Academy of Finland
Geodeetinrinne 2, 02431 Masala
+358 29-530-8052


Maria Teresa MelisMaria Teresa Melis
TeleGIS Laboratory, Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences
University of Cagliari
51 Trentino St
09127, Cagliari
0039 0706757788


Brigitte LeblonBrigitte Leblon
University of New Brunswick
Room NF 210, P.O. Box 4400,
New Brunswick, E3B 5A3
+1 506-453-4924
+1 506-453-3538


Serkan UralSerkan Ural
Geomatics Engineering
Hacettepe University
06800 Beytepe
+90 312-780-5785

Terms of Reference:

  • Promote scientific studies of new technologies and methodologies of thematic information extraction with emphases on the diachronic, multi-scale and multi-sensor approaches.
  • Develop data architecture tackling with big data and crowd sourcing data for thematic information and its dynamics
  • Virtual reality for thematic information demonstration
  • Promote the technique transfers through collaboration and networking between universities, research organizations, national space/mapping agencies, and policy makers
  • Promote the education, communication and collaborations through courses, articles and workshops
  • Collaborate with RS National and International forums and organization (GEO, GEOSS, CEOS, etc) and interact with international agencies of environmental research and protection (IPCC, WMO, UNEP, IMD, Mountain Partnership, GLISPA, etc.).