WG III/3: Image Sequence Analysis

Our Mission:

ISPRS Working group III/3 aims to promote the development of new methodologies, algorithms and applications related to the processing of image sequences acquired for object tracking, ego-motion determination, detection and characterization of dynamic and multi-temporal processes, deformation measurements, monocular or stereoscopic mapping of the environment with a UAV or an autonomous robot, mobile mapping, biomedical motion analysis and detection of changes in land-cover/land-use mapping.

Recent research has shown that a pure transition of methods mainly designed for the analysis of close-range video streams to the aforementioned applications is not possible due to different camera characteristics, varying frame rates and different platforms and input modalities Further theoretical and experimental developments accompanied by thorough validations are thus necessary to better exploit the massive information content in image sequences and provide high precision outputs useful for subsequent applications.

To this purpose, the WG organises workshops to exchange the latest developments on image sequence analysis. Furthermore the WG provides and links to publicly available datasets for various applications.

Finally, the WG will work closely with WG V/X, WG III/4, and ICWG III/VII and will establish links with WG I/X and WG II/8.

Working Group Officers:


Clément Mallet

Clément Mallet
Institut National de l'Information Géographique et Forestière
MATIS Laboratory
73 avenue de Paris
94160 Saint Mandé
+33 1 43 98 84 36
+33 1 43 98 85 81



Alper Yilmaz

Alper Yilmaz
The Ohio State University
Photogrammetric Computer Vision Lab
470 Hitchcock Hall
2070 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
+1 614-247-4323
+1 614-292-3780



Yury Vizilter

Yury Vizilter
GosNIIAS - The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research Institute of Aviation Systems"
Viktorenko 7

+7 499-157-9498
+7 499-157-3900



Michael Ying Yang

Michael Ying Yang
TU Dresden 
Computer Vision Lab (CVLD)
Noethnitzer Str. 46

01187 Dresden, Germany 

+49 (351) 463 43518 
+49 (351) 463 38369 




Terms of Reference:

  • Camera and camera network calibration from image sequences including cameras with non-standard geometry and variable frame rates
  • Models and methods to determine ego-motion, for navigation, geo-referencing and object reconstruction
  • Detection, reconstruction, classification and tracking of single and multiple objects in image sequences
  • Event reconstruction and analysis from image sequences, and from single and multiple video streams
  • Quality assessment techniques for calibration, orientation and object detection from image sequences, including but not limited to time-series analysis at different epochs and resolutions
  • Benchmarking of calibration, orientation and object detection with image sequences
  • Change detection in time-series of images or 3D point clouds, including the analysis of landscape or object evolution