WG III/7: Landuse and Landcover Change Detection

Working Group Officers:


Ammatzia PeledAmmatzia Peled
University of Haifa, Center for Spatial Information Systems Research (UHCSISR)
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Haifa, 31905
+ 972 48 240148 (o)

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Yongnian ZengYongnian Zeng
Central South University,
School of Geosciences and Info-Physics
Center for Spatial Information Technology and Sustainable Development Research
Changsha 410000
+86 13787795922


Md. Surabuddin MondalMd. Surabuddin Mondal
Dept. of Surveying Engineering
Wollega University

Terms of Reference:

  • To investigate and enhance algorithms and methodologies for land-use and land-cover change-detection
  • To suggest advanced solutions for monitoring land –cover changes
  • To further the study of the dynamics of land-use and land-cover change in different regions of the world
  • To further the research and investigations into predicting land-use changes
  • To study urban land-use development cycles and changes in rural land-cover and land-use (e.g. Agriculture, forestry, recreation), based on data and information fusion
  • To further the research into automatic updating of spatial data bases
  • To foster investigations and research toward autonomous updating of core spatial data bases using spectral and non-spectral remotely sensed data fused with data and information acquired by other sources.
  • To cooperate with other Geospatial Information societies such as ICA and FIG on Change detection based on remotely sensed data and updating of spatial data bases.