WG V/3: Promotion of Regional Collaboration in Citizen Science and Geospatial Technology

Our Mission

Volunteered Geographic Information is gaining importance with the ubiquitous use of mobile technology. In this new era, ordinary citizens may contribute to scientific processes based on their interest and abilities. The range of activities they may contribute range from biology to environmental monitoring to classification of galaxies, all of which having a spatio-temporal dimension. The increasing demand on this research agenda is encouraging scientists from diverse backgrounds to collaborate under the term of “Citizen Science (CS)”. These combined efforts from scientists, volunteers, NGOs lead to the formation three organizations: American Citizen Science Association (CSA), European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) and Australian Citizen Association (ACSA) as well as a peer-reviewed journal entitled “Citizen Science: Theory and Practice”. This WG emphasizes the increasing importance of citizen science both in scientific world as well as supporting the general trend in open science and open data. The geoinformation technologies play a key role within this research agenda. In this context WG V/III aims to promote the regional collaboration in Citizen Science and Geospatial Technology in 2016-2020.

Working Group Officers:


Sultan KocamanSultan Kocaman
Hacettepe University
Dept. of Geomatics Engineering
+90 (312) 780 5792
+90 (312) 297 6167


Magsad GojamanovMagsad Gojamanov
Baku State University
Dept. of Geodesy and Cartography
+994 (12) 538 01 70
+994 (12) 598 33 76


Sameer SaranSameer Saran
Geoinformatics Department
Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Group
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing ( IIRS )
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
+91 (135) 2524123
+91 (135) 2741987


Nusret DemirNusret Demir
Faculty of Science
Dept. of Space Science and Tech.
Chair of Remote Sensing

+90 (242) 227 44 00/3826


Regional Coordinator  

Nazmi SaleousNazmi Saleous
Department of Geography and Urban Planning
United Arab Emirates University
P.O. Box 15551
Al Ain
United Arab Emirates
+971 3 713 5031
+971 2 6672449

Regional Coordinator  

Julian SmitJulian Smit
University of Cape Town
Geomatics Division
Cape Town
South Africa
+27 (21) 650 3573

Terms of Reference:

  • Citizen Science approaches in geoinformatics – from hypothesis generation to communicating results
  • Geo-processing tools and technologies in citizen science
  • Data quality assurance and data verification
  • Integration of Web 2.0 / mobile technologies and citizen science
  • Data, metadata and ownership within citizen science projects
  • Investigation of data fusion and mashup algorithms
  • Incorporation of game design elements in citizen science – towards geo-gamification
  • Geodata enrichment and learning through citizen science
  • Promoting open data, standards, interoperability and FOSS4G in citizen science
  • Improvement of regional collaboration and community capacity building through citizen science projects