General Plan of Activities

Work Plan

  • Distribution of sample data of modern 3D sensors
  • Contact to sister communities/conference with focus on machine vision, such as CVPR, WACV, Machine Vision Applications etc.
  • Contributions and reviewing for SPEC3DISPRS Midterm-Symposium 2018, Geospatial week 2019
  • Contributions, reviewing, and attending the ISPRS congress 2020


Call for Data

We are searching for new 3D measuring systems for our list, and data samples (we ask for ASCII raw data in either x,y,z + intensity/color or .las)

We hope that the arrangement of sample data is always similar (if possible) including two cases:
1) a corner in which some spheres are places. If a sensor can capture data from a single location (the distance of couple of meters, or what is sensible for the sensor), this is preferred. However, if data collection is based on moving sensor, this is allowed.
2) a corridor in which some spheres are placed. Data should be collected in such a way that it becomes obvious what the measuring distance is. Therefore the sensor should be moved (if needed) only across the corridor, and not along. It's enough to cover only one wall of the corridor.

See the development version of data pages:

More detailed instruction can be found from Call for data.

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