General Plan of Activities

Within the group

The plans drawn for the WG are as follows:

  • Planning workshops and hands-on tutorials on health and spatial sciences with citizen science, spatiotemporal multidimensional modelling, visualization, and analytics during Geospatial Weeks (GSW) in Egypt and UAE
  • Work for Special Issue on Geo-Intelligence in Public Health (possibly in ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information)
  • Formation of an active community of members through networking and participation in various events.
  • Conduction of webinars to raise awareness of and promote the importance of geo-health in the public health community
  • Active engagement in relevant conferences, workshops, and technical sessions (ISPRS 2026, ISPRS TC-IV Mid-term symposium, ISRS Annual Conventions 2022, AGUs Fall Meeting, etc).


Within Technical Commission IV

In order to meet its objectives, the WG intends to collaborate with other WGs through conducting joint workshops, webinars, symposiums, collaborative research, and publications. The other working groups that are anticipated to work together are WG IV/1 - Multi-Dimensional Modelling, WG IV/4 - Collaborative Crowdsourced Cloud Mapping (C³M), WG IV/8 - GeoComputation and GeoSimulation, and WG IV/9 - Geovisualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The officers of the proposed working group plan to actively participate in the Commission IV: Spatial Information Science symposium, publications, and other relevant activities.

With other Technical Commissions

This working group will explore the opportunities to collaborate with other technical commissions such as Commission III: Remote Sensing (for improving humanity and the environment through satellite visualization and detection) and Commission V: Education and Outreach (for promoting advanced Geo-Health applications with Citizen Science support).

Within ISPRS

This WG will actively participate in the XXV ISPRS Congress 2026 in Canada, and Toronto and contribute to ISPRS Geospatial weeks in UAE and Egypt through special sessions. Furthermore, this WG has related research topics with other newly formed TC IV WGs and will therefore investigate the possibility of collaboration and organization of joint activities

With organizations outside of ISPRS

This WG will look for opportunities for collaboration with other groups/organizations conducting pertinent research domains such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Foundation of India, and other Public Health Institute.

WG IV/10


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