• 2024:
    • Machine Learning for Remote Sensing (ML4RS) Workshop at ICLR, Vienna, May 11th 2024 - with WGs II/5 members. More details here.
    • EarthVision workshop at CVPR 2024, June 17-18th, Seattle (USA). More details here.
  • 2023:
    • Workshop on Machine Vision for Earth Observation and Environment Monitoring at BMVC, Aberdeen, November 24 2023. See the workshop page here.
    • EarthVision workshop at CVPR 2023, June 18, Vancouver (Canada). More details here.
  • 2022:
    • 12th IAPR International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing 2022 (PRRS) - with WGs II/5 members.  See details here.


  • 2024:
    • Machine Learning in Remote Sensing Theory and Applications for EO at IGARSS 2024. More info here.
  • 2023:
    • Machine Learning in Remote Sensing Theory and Applications for EO at IGARSS 2023. More info here.

Special Issues

  • 2023:
    • Special issue on Advancing deep learning for time series analysis, Remote Sensing of Environment, deadline: December 31, 2023 - with WGs II/5 members  More info here.

Scientific Initiatives

  • Review paper with all members of WG4 and participation of WG5 about the importance of the choice of geospatial remote sensing data for machine learning:



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