Education and Awareness in Disaster Risk Management

Our Mission

Geospatial technology aided by remote sensing, geo-informatics, and Photogrammetry has been playing key role in enhancing the capacity of the society in terms of disaster risk reduction and disaster management. Globally, there has been a complete change in approach towards disaster risk reduction and resilience to minimize the devastating consequences of potential future disasters. In today’s world of Big Data with diverse & rapid flow of information and near real time access to space and drone based services, disaster risk can be substantially reduced with proper planning and efficient use of the Geospatial environment. There is a strong need to further educate and enable the stakeholders and users involved in disaster risk management for effective utilization of these technologies.

The mission of this Working Group is to accelerate the process of capacity building towards improved management of disasters and disaster risk reduction for individuals, communities, governments, industries, etc at a regional, national, and global scale. This shall be achieved by conducting plethora of trainings, workshops, and outreach programs covering all aspects of disaster risk management including activities related to prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The group will also consolidate the knowledge and skill in the field of Disaster Risk Management through National and International level collaboration and make them available to all stakeholders.


Working Group Officers


S P Aggarwal, ChairS P Aggarwal
North Eastern Space Applications Centre
Department of Space
Government of India
+91 346 9897006414



Viktor Lagutov, Co-ChairViktor Lagutov
Systems Laboratory
Central European University
Budapest, 1051, Nador ut. 9



Shyam S Kundu, SecretaryShyam S Kundu
Space & Atmospheric Science Division
North Eastern Space Applications Centre
Department of Space
Government of India
Umiam-793103, Shillong
+91 346 9436703241


Terms of Reference

  • Training program for the authorities involved in disaster management in protecting lives and property by means of acquainting them with advanced technologies, science-based analyses, and strategic learning.
  • Organize training, workshops, and lecture series to enhance the awareness, knowledge, and skill of decision-makers and major stakeholders on the benefits of geospatial technology for disaster management.
  • Develop training programs for the youths, teachers, and private sectors on all components of disaster risk management covering prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
  • Conduct awareness program in collaboration with the government and NGOs for school students and rural population aiming at familiarizing them with available products and services on disaster risk management and disaster response. 
  • Collaborate with national and international institutes to consolidate the best practices in disaster risk management.
  • Promote traditional knowledge and adaptation capabilities for sustainable disaster risk reduction approach in a changing climate.
  • Enhance the awareness and promotion of open source digital content, innovative and modern technologies and web based resources for disaster risk management
  • Collaboration with other ISPRS TC V working groups with similar missions, objectives, and activities.

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