General Plan of Activities

IJGI Special Issues


Within the group


Within Technical Commission IV

  • Contribution to the Midterm technical Com. IV with WG. 2. (Ontology, semantics and knowledge representation), WG 4. (Crowd sourcing, mobility, cloud based mapping, social collaboration, participatory systems), WG 6. (Internet of things, sensor web, SDI, Spatial decision support systems), WG 7. (DBMS (Data management and indexing), spatial data interoperability and standards), WG. (Geocomputation and geosimulation (cellular automate, agent based modelling, artificial intelligence) and ICWG 10 (Applications of GIS (Com IV/II) (Health, CityModels, etc...).
  • Contribution in publication of the Com. IV.
  • Contribution in Geospatial Week workshops to be held in Sept./Oct. 2017 and 2019.
  • Contribution in Com. Midterm in 2018.
  • Contribution in ISPRS Congress 2020.


With other Technical Commissions

We will have some joint activities with the following WGs:

  • ICWG: Global mapping, updating, verification and interoperability (Com III/IV/I)
  • ICWG: Planetary remote sensing and mapping (Com III/IV)
  • ICWG: Disaster assessment monitoring and management (Com III/IV)
  • ICWG: Remote sensing data quality and archiving (Com III/IV)


Within ISPRS

  • Joint Conference with Sensors and Models in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (SMPR) and GIResearch. The University of Tehran, Oct. /Nov. 2017 jointly with ISPRS.
  • Organization of workshops entitled EOEC.


With organisations outside of ISPRS

  • Collaboration with Urban Data Management Society (UDMS),
  • Joint symposium with International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality (ISSDQ 2017 and 2019),
  • Links with Spatial Accuracy
  • Collaboration with Gi4DM 2017 and 2019
  • Links with the key standardization organizations are active in the quality and interoperability domain:
    • ISO /TC211
    • OGC 
    • FGDC
    • European Committee for Standardization (CEN).
    • Working groups from the Association of Geographic Info. Laboratories in Europe (AGILE)
    • Working groups from ICA.
  • Collaboration with UNGGIM
  • Cooperation with FIG
  • Collaboration with GSDI
  • Collaboration with Spatial Data Handling (SDH)
  • Collaboration with COSIT
  • Collaboration with GIScience



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