ISPRS Technical Commission IV

Spatial Information Science


Sisi Zlatanova, PresidentSisi Zlatanova
UNSW Built Environment
University of New South Wales
Red Centre Building
Kensington Campus
Sydney NSW 2052


Vice President 2021-22, Secretary 2016-21

George Sithole, Vice President 2021-22, Secretary 2016-21George Sithole
Spatial Data and Spatial Analysis Consultant
332 Upper Eastside, Brickfield Road
7925 Cape Town


Secretary 2021-22

Jack Barton, Secretary 2021-22Jack Barton
University of New South Wales
Red Centre Building
Kensington Campus
Sydney NSW 2052


Vice-President 2016-2021

Suzana Dragicevic, Vice-President 2016-2021Suzana Dragicevic
Spatial Analysis and Modeling Laboratory
Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5A1S6,


Terms of Reference

Considering the state of the art in Spatial Information Science and the ISPRS TC IV 2012-2016 resolution, we define the following ToF:

  • Strengthen the work on multidimensional spatial model and representations towards seamless data fusion (WG1)
  • Advance the semantic modelling, development and linking of ontologies (WG2)
  • Intensify the research data interpretation, quality and uncertainty modeling (WG3)
  • Strengthen the research on crowdsourced data and public participation, towards community-driven and participatory applications, collaborative mapping and use/usability of maps (WG 4)
  • Stringent the research on seamless indoor/outdoor location-based services, navigation and tracking, and analysis of human movement (WG5)
  • Advance interoperable Internet of Things, Sensor web, SDI and linked data (WG6)
  • Advance the research on spatial data types, indexing methods and analysis to further contribute to development of spatial DBMS for management and analysis of multi-dimensional data (WG7)
  • Encourage the use of functional programming and streaming algorithms in development of demos and applications as well as parallel and distributed processing paradigms. (WG8)
  • Advance visual analytics, online multi-dimensional visualization on mobile and desktop devices, considering human-centered applications, privacy and security issues (WG9)
  • Advance knowledge on use of spatial information (BIM/GIS) for urban modelling (WG10)


The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. The Society operates without any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, nationality, or political philosophy.

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