General Plan of Activities

Please provide a summary of the activities of the working group over the next four years

The co-chairs and secretary will coordinate their research efforts on geocomputation and geosimulation, including sharing data (where possible) and collaborating on joint submissions to ISPRS publications (e.g. ISPRS Journal of Geo-Information). In particular, we will produce a review article covering the WGs research themes to be published in the ISPRS Journal of Geo-Information at the end of the four year period.

WG officers will organise a workshop at the TCIV symposium on Research Directions in Geocomputation and Geosimulation, with invited contributions from WG members. We will contribute to joint publications summarising the research activities of TCIV, e.g. a review article on ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. In particular, we will maintain close collaboration with WGs (IV/3, IV/4; IV/6; IV/9), including sharing of data and methods and collaboration on research where possible.

WG IV/8 aims to promote the use of geocomputational techniques and geosimulation through education in the wider ISPRS and GIScience community. We will run annual workshops at international conferences, the first of which will be Machine Learning Methods for Spatial and Temporal Analysis, to be run at GIScience 2016 ( We will also submit a workshop proposal to GeoComputation 2017 and 2019, building on the successful workshop run by the previous WGII/5 on Support Vector Machines for spatial and temporal analysis at GeoComputation 2015 ( Responsibility for organisation will be shared between the WG chairs.

We will run a WGIV/8 workshop in Wuhan in 2017.

In accordance with Resolution V.2 of ISPRS Technical Commission VI we will aim to publish workshop resources online with relevant data to make them accessible to all.









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