ISPRS Technical Commission II


Our Mission:

ISPRS Technical Commission II focuses, at various scales, on geometric, radiometric and multi-temporal aspects of image- and range-based 3D surveying and modeling. Specifically Commission II deals with image orientation, point cloud generation and processing, 3D feature extraction, scene understanding, sensor and data fusion, sensor characterization, machine learning for geospatial data analysis and big data techniques for massive data processing. Applications in the fields of mapping, industry, heritage, space, underwater and environment are considered.

President 2021-22

Alper Yilmaz, President 2021-22Alper Yilmaz
470 Hitchcock Hall
2070 Neil. Ave
Columbus OH 43210
+1 614 2474323


Vice-President 2021-22

Jan Dirk Wegner, Vice-President 2021-22Jan Dirk Wegner
Universität Zürich
Institute for Computational Science
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zürich
+41 44 633 68 08


Secretary 2021-22

Rongjun Qin, Secretary 2021-22Rongjun Qin
The Ohio State University
2070 Neil Avenue
Columbus 43210, Ohio
+1 614 292 6648


President 2016-21

Fabio Remondino, President 2016-21Fabio Remondino
3D Optical Metrology unit (3DOM)
Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK)
via Sommarive 18
38123 Trento
+39 0461 314914


Vice-President 2016-21

Takashi Fuse, Vice-President 2016-21Takashi Fuse
University of Tokyo
Department of Civil Engineering
Hongo7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku
JAPAN, 113-8656
+81 3 5841 6129


Secretary 2016-21

Isabella Toschi, Secretary 2016-21Isabella Toschi
nFrames GmbH
Kornbergstraße 36
D-70176 Stuttgart


Terms of Reference

  • Sensor pose estimation and autonomous navigation
  • Multi-image geometry, DEM and 3D model generation
  • Spatial, spectral and temporal analysis of image and range data, including pattern analysis and machine learning methods for object detection and recognition, image classification and point cloud processing
  • Integration and fusion of multiple data sources for advanced object detection, scene understanding and 3D modeling
  • Upscaling of photogrammetric processing methods, big data and cloud computing
  • Image-based and range-based systems and methods for mapping, industrial, heritage, space, underwater and environmental applications
  • Liaison with Commission I on sensors and platforms for photogrammetric applications
  • Liaison with Commission III on photogrammetric methods for remotely sensed data
  • Liaison with Commission IV on geometric content creation for GIS and mapping applications
  • Liaison with Commission V on knowledge transfer and outreach









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Our Contact

Leibniz University Hannover
Institute of Photogrammetry and GeoInformation
Nienburger Str. 1
D-30167 Hannover