General Plan of Activities

The working group will undertake various activities including workshops and publish research results in ISPRS journals.


Within the group

Within the group regular meetings will take place to organize the activities of the group.

Two special Issues in ISPRS IJ GI, one in 2018 (CFP in 2017) and one in 2020 (CFP in 2019) are planned. The papers will be extended versions of the below workshops plus invited papers.

Online tutorials and lectures in the broad area of Geo-data management,


Within Technical Commission IV

The working group plans to organize the following workshops:

  • ISPRS workshop (together with working group IV/1) under the umbrella of the GRASF (GIS and Remote Sensing Annual Scientific Forum) in Dubai in March 2017.
  • ISPRS workshop (together with working group IV/1) under the umbrella of the ICC 2017 (28th International Cartographic Conference) in Washington, D.C., USA in July 2017.
  • ISPRS workshop (together with WG IV-1, WG IV-5 and WG IV-10) in Melbourne, Australia in October 2017 under the umbrella of the 3DGeoInfo conference.
  • ISPRS workshop (together with working group IV/1) under the umbrella of the 40th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing and the New Brunswick & Canadian Institute of Geomatics Atlantic in Fredericton, CanadaJune 2019.

Joint activities such as publications and workshops are planned in first place with WG IV/1 on Multi-Dimensional Modelling. Further activities are planned with WG IV/8 on GeoComputation, WG IV/9 on GeoVisualization,

Last but not least, the Symposium of Commission IV in the Netherlands in 2018 will be supported by contributions and/or a special session on geo-data management.


With other Technical Commissions

It is planned to closely cooperate with Commission I on Sensor Systems lead by Stefan Hinz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Joint activities, especially publications are also planned with Commission II, WG II/3 on Point Cloud Processing.


Within ISPRS

Contributions to the Geospatial Week 2019 and ISPRS Congress 2020 coming from the working group, are fixed part of the working plan. Furthermore, there are close contacts to the 3D GeoInfo board and conference series that are supported by ISPRS. Therefore the working group will also contribute to 3D GeoInfo conferences.


With organisations outside of ISPRS

The officers and members of the WG are well linked with international and national associations outside of ISPRS, such as:

Therefore, joint activities of WG IV-7 with selected international and national associations will take place.


Upcoming Events

FOSS4G 2020
Calgary, AB, Canada, August 24-29, 2020









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