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News for SELPER event 2022

The XX SIMPOSIO INTERNACIONAL SELPER «LA GEOINFORMACIÓN AL SERVICIO DE UN FUTURO SOSTENIBLE PARA LA SOCIEDAD» was conducted on October 26 to 28 in Monterrey, Mexico, by Professor Fabiola Yépez, the Co-Chair of the ISPRS-III/IVa (Disaster Management) WG, and her SELPER team management. This hybrid event, financed by ESA and EOTEC, additionally had a Training course-Remote Sensing applications to floods, droughts and fires. It hosted about 280 participants,

The inaugural speech regarding SDG-17 was made by Professor Adam/Saied Pirasteh, the Chair of the ISPRS-III/IVa (Disaster Management) WG, and he stress on collaboration between ISPRS and SELPER and support the SELPER International and SELPER Mexico.

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Weilian Li
November 12, 2022


SELPER 2022, Mexico, Inauguration Speech

The XX SELPER International Symposium, "The geoinformation service for a sustainable future for society," was held from October 26 to 28, 2022, in Monterrey, Nuevo León. México. This event covers well-being, equity and public health, environmental pollution, biodiversity, cover and land use, infrastructure (housing, transport, energy, water), water resources management, adaptation and mitigation to climate change, natural or anthropogenic risks, territory management (municipalities, migration, economy), and innovation and emerging technologies. Professor Adam/Saied Pirasteh, the Chair of ISPRS-III/IVa (Disaster Management) WG, delivered his speech at the conference inauguration and stressed SDG-17 and how ISPRS-III/IVa activities extend supporting collaboration with Mexico.

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Weilian Li
November 5, 2022


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