SDI: Internet of Things and Spatial Decision Support

Our Mission

ISPRS WG IV/6 aims to promote the advancement of open standards, algorithms and system architecture related to spatial data infrastructure (SDI), the Internet of Things (IoT), sensor webs, and spatial decision support systems (SDSS). We will consider technologies, policies and people necessary to improve quality, reduce duplicity and encourage innovation in geospatial data access, sharing and use. Our goal is to elevate benefits of geospatial data to all levels of government, academia, private/non-profit sectors and individual citizens of our global community.

To this purpose, our WG will organize sessions and workshops exchanging latest developments in IoT, sensor webs, SDI and SDSS, as well as emerging technologies related to these areas of interest. We will promote publication opportunities in ISPRS Journal special issues, books, Annals/Archives, eBulletin and web/social media communication. Our members will liaison with related international efforts such as OGC Technical Committee, ISO/TC-211, Digital Earth, GEOSS, UNSDI, INSPIRE and GMES and collaborate with organizations such as the OGC Sensor Web Enablement, OGC SensorThings API, ISO/TC-211 working group, GSDI, FIG WGISS, ICA, W3C and EuroSDR. In these endeavors we will work closely with ISPRS WGs, especially within Commission IV (IV/4, IV/5, IV/7, IV/8 and IV/11), Commission I (Sensor Systems) and Commission V (Education and Outreach).

Working Group Officers


Marguerite Madden, ChairMarguerite Madden
Center for Geospatial Research
Department of Geography
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602
+1 706-542-2379 (office)
+1 706-542-2388



Giuseppina Vacca, Co-ChairGiuseppina Vacca
DICAAR - Dep. of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture
University of Cagliari
P.zza D'Armi
09123 Cagliari
+39 070 6755442
+39 070 6755405



Dev Raj Paudyal, Co-ChairDev Raj Paudyal
School of Civil Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland
West Street
Toowoomba, Queensland
+617 4631 2291 / +61405848065
+617 4631 2526



Mingshu Wang, SecretaryMingshu Wang
School of Geographical & Earth Sciences
University of Glasgow
East Quadrangle
G12 8QQ


Terms of Reference

  • Advance interoperable spatial data infrastructure (SDI), Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Web, and spatial decision support system (SDSS) standards, algorithms, and system architecture
  • Investigate efficient ways to connect, access, and task resource-constrained IoT and Sensor Web devices and sensors
  • Develop and manage multi-level (national, regional and global) geospatial databases
  • Advance knowledge in spatial data infrastructure and cyber infrastructure
  • Promote spatial enablement of government and community
  • Promote innovations in geospatial data access, integration, sharing and use
  • Promote highly efficient data acquisition and processing from multiple sources including field surveying, remote sensing, real-time sensors and crowdsourcing
  • Synchronize disparate geospatial resources to provide useful and usable frameworks that can be integrated with environmental and socio-economic data for research, discovery and web services
  • Advance sensor data stream processing algorithms and architecture
  • Design, develop, and evaluate innovative SDI, IoT, Sensor Web and SDSS applications
  • Design, develop and benchmark implementation interfaces for the abstract ISO standards
  • Collaborate with private sector industry to develop and evaluate data format definitions, meta data and software libraries
  • Attend and cooperate with the related groups such as OGC working groups (e.g., SWE DWG, SensorThings API SWG, etc.), open source communities (e.g., FOSS4G, Eclipse LocationTech, etc.), ISO/TC-211 meetings, international efforts (GEOSS, Digital Earth, UNSDI, INSPIRE and GMES) and organizations (GSDI, WGISS, ICA, W3C, and EuroSDR)
  • Work closely with ISPRS WGs IV/4, IV/5, IV/7, IV/8 and IV/11









The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. The Society operates without any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, nationality, or political philosophy.

Our Contact

Leibniz University Hannover
Institute of Photogrammetry and GeoInformation
Nienburger Str. 1
D-30167 Hannover