Activities of ISPRS ICWG III/IVb


  • 2017: Organize an International Workshop on Remote Sensing Data quality During GRASF 2017 Conference /JURSE 2017 / Middle East Geo-smart Summit 2017 / GI-Works 2017 in Dubai
  • 2017: ISPRS Geospatial Week Wuhan 2017
  • 2018: Workshop in Salzburg (Paris Lodron University of Salzburg )
  • 2018: Commission III Symposium in China 2018
  • 2019: Organize WG workshops in one of the cities Dubai / Budapest
  • 2020: ISPRS Congress in Nice, France


  • Special Issues in ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and the ISPRS International Journal for Geo-Information
  • Papers from the Workshops as the Volumes of the International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences and the ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences.
  • Reports of events will be submitted the the Council and news items for publication in the ISPRS eBulletin will also be submitted.


ISPRS ICWG III/IVb Remote Sensing Data Quality

The Working Group arranged its first workshop “Remote Sensing Data Quality –RSDQ”, which took place in Budapest on the 30th Jan 2017, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The workshop was hosted by Budapest University of Technology and Economics, department of Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics, headed by Professor Arpad Barsi. The attendees discussed the future plans as much as the practical solutions, and actions to be taken to satisfy the WG terms of reference, aiming to work together for a successful four years to support the society in relation to the topics of Remote Sensing Data Quality. The results of the workshop can be summarized as follows:

  • Research topics were selected and distributed between the team members, besides networking tasks related to the development of the subject.
  • Tasks related to Investigation, inventory and classification of RS Data Quality were anticipated and shall be reported during the next workshop.
  • The topic of relating spatial data quality with remote sensing data quality is highlighted and plans were put for assessing it.
  • Discussions also took place for strengthening the working group by inviting more experts into the team

Remote Sensing Data Quality "RSDQ" Workshop

7th of March 2017
GIS and Remote Sensing Annual Scientific Forum

The second working group meeting took place in Dubai, it was hosted by Dubai Municipality GRASF leaded by Hussein M. Abdulmuttalib, where new specialists in the area of Data Quality were invited to join the workshop. The achievements, progress and efforts of the team were discussed and the team decided to put the scientific findings into a group technical paper, and submit it to GSW 2017 technical program in Wuhan. The technical paper comprised different aspects of remote sensing data quality topics, taking into consideration the main activities and outcomes including but not limited to, providing a taxonomy of DQ dimensions in the RS domain, achieving a global approach to DQ for heterogeneous-format in RS data sets, investigate DQ dimensions in use, conceive a methodology for managing cost effective solutions on DQ in RS initiatives, and to address future challenges on RS DQ dimensions arising in the new era of the big Earth data.

International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality “ISSDQ” Workshop

19-20th September 2017
ISPRS Geospatial Week

The ISPRS ICWG III/IVb Remote Sensing Data Quality co-organized the 10th International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality which took place in Wuhan during the activities of Geospatial Week 2017. The team supported planning the technical program, evaluating papers and managing the activities, beside submitting a  number of technical papers, one of which was titled Data Quality in Remote Sensing, and as mentioned previously this paper reflected the results of the teamwork in relation the topic of the WG. The WG members also conducted a meeting during the GSW for planning future activities as two PhD students from Salzburg University and from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, are investigating and researching in the team of RSDQ, and expected to present some of the results during the upcoming workshop which is planned to be organized in Salzburg 2018 January and hosted by Prof. Thomas Blaschke from Salzburg University, ZGIS.

Workshop on Remote Sensing Data Quality (RSDQ2), Salzburg, Jan 30th - 31st 2018

Sponsored and hosted by Professor Thomas Blaschke of Z-GIS at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, the ISPRS ICWG III\IVb working group on RSDQ Remote Sensing Data Quality successfully organized and conducted its 3rd workshop aiming for brainstorming, investigating and planning of further practical research steps and actions that would guide the international team towards completing the mission and to satisfy the terms of reference approved by commissions III and IV of ISPRS.

The venue, the full board accommodation and the worm hospitality provided the suitable environment to the team to assess the scientific progress of subject Remote Sensing Data Quality. The workshop comprised discussing the working group’s future plans and activities, which took place after introductions and presentations given by the ISPRS officers. Following the great success of the Working Group team in co-organizing the International Symposium on spatial Data Quality 2017 “ISSDQ” as one of the major sub conferences of the ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017  , One of the major and intermediate milestones targeted by the group was to present some results of the topic in the upcoming ISPRS Midterm symposium which will take place in Beijing China during 7-10 May 2018. Following, the presentations of Professor Carlos Batini through which he clarified the fruits of his previous works, research and findings published in his books and related to spatial data quality, the team formed two separate sub-groups to work on relating the Data Quality Dimensions to the Remote sensing life cycle. Specifically a top to bottom team and a bottom to top team had to work simultaneously after which a common dissection took place. 

As a result of the 3 days successful discussions and hard work, the team agreed upon producing a series of technical papers to cover the topic and to report the development of the same.  

Dealing with how the quality criteria support decisions to guide the Remote Sensing lifecycle and how they relate to the measured Data Quality dimensions, The team initiated and edited the draft of the technical paper: (PROVIDING DATA QUALITY INFORMATION FOR REMOTE SENSING APPLICATIONS), this paper was planned to be presented and published during the ISPRS Commission III midterm symposium in Beijing China.

The paper adds to the team’s first paper presented and published during the Geospatial Week 2017 to reflect the approach the team pursued for exploring Remote Sensing Data Quality RSDQ, to guide designing validation approaches for specific applications, to guide the design of quality criteria, and also to assess the relevant standards that touch the Remote sensing lifecycle. 

ISPRS Commission III Midterm symposium

7-10 May
Beijing, China

The Commission III of ISPRS organized a successful midterm event, thanks to the commission officers and the participating working groups for that. ICWG III\IVb working group supported the success of the symposium by the following activities:

  • Took part in the scientific committee
  • Supported the call for papers, by spreading to regional and local networks
  • Took part in the evaluation process of the submitted technical papers for both Archives and Annals
  • Participated in the ISPRS TC III Business meeting, and presented the progress o f the working Group
  • Organized 3 Technical sessions
  • Published the following papers :

Providing Data Quality Information For Remote Sensing Applications

Albrecht, T. Blaschke, S. Lang, H. M. Abdulmutalib, G. Szabó, Á. Barsi, C. Batini, A. Bartsch, Zs. Kugler, D. Tiede, and G. Huang Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLII-3, 15-22,


Accuracy Dimensions In Remote Sensing

Á. Barsi, Zs. Kugler, I. László, Gy. Szabó, and H. M. Abdulmutalib Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLII-3, 61-67,

ISPRS Commission IV Midterm symposium

1-5 Oct
Delft, The Netherlands

Being an inter-commission, The ICWG III\IVb working group also actively participated in the Midterm Symposium organized by the ISPRS Commission Iv. The participation and support could be summarized in the following activities:

  • Took part in the ISPRS organizing and scientific committees of the event
  • Advertized the event locally and regionally by forwarding the call for papers
  • Co-organized technical session:(ICWG III/IVb  and WG4: Geospatial Big Data and Urban Studies)
  • Formed a team that assisted in evaluating the submitted papers to the technical sessions
  • Chaired technical sessions Geospatial Big data and urban studies
  • Published and presented the paper:

Time-related quality dimensions of urban remotely sensed big data Z. Kugler, G. Szabó, H. M. Abdulmuttalib, C. Batini, H. Shen, A. Barsi, and G. HuangInt. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLII-4, 315-320,, 2018


Overall Summary & Budapest Workshop 6-7 June 2019
  • All workshops showed a successful progress in the theme RS DQ, but in the interest of comprehensiveness the next workshop which will take place in Budapest 6-7 June 2019, is planned to cover concluding the progress and filling the gaps, and thus prepare the papers and reports that would be submitted to Nice ISPRS Congress 2020. 
  • Managed by the Budapest Technology and Economics University team members, the WG managed to submit a Journal paper titled: "Remote Sensing Data Quality Model: from data sources to lifecycle phases"


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