General Plan of Activities

The working group will undertake various activities including workshops and publish research results in ISPRS journals.


Within the group

Within the group regular meetings will take place to organize the activities of the group.

Two special Issues in ISPRS IJ GI will be considered for the WG term 2022-26. The papers will be extended versions of the workshops to be organized by the WG plus invited papers.

Online tutorials and lectures in the broad area of Geospatial data management.


Within Technical Commission IV

The working group plans to organize or co-organize (with other WGs) 4-6 workshops during the next 4 years. These include the workshops in the following events:

  • Geospatial Week 2023, Egypt
  • Roads and Transport Authority Conference, Dubai, 2025
  • The Annual FOSS4G Conferences from 2023 through 2026


Joint activities such as publications and workshops will be planned with WG IV/1 on spatial data interoperability, standards, and linked data; WG IV/2 on spatial analysis and artificial intelligence; WG IV/6 on geosimulation and virtual analytics; and WG IV/7 on spatially-enabled digital twins, BIM, GIS and sensor integration.

Last but not least, the 2024 Symposium of Commission IV in Australia and the 2026 ISPRS Congress in Canada  will be both supported by contributions and/or a special session on geo-data management.


With other Technical Commissions

It is planned to closely cooperate with various WGs in Commission I on Sensor Systems, Commission II on Photogrammetry, and Commission V on Education and Outreach.


Within ISPRS

Contributions to the Geospatial Week 2023 and ISPRS Congress 2026 coming from the working group, are fixed part of the working plan. Furthermore, there are close contacts to the 3D GeoInfo board and conference series that are supported by ISPRS. Therefore, the working group will also contribute to 3D GeoInfo conferences.


With organisations outside of ISPRS

The officers and members of the WG are well linked with international and national associations outside of ISPRS, such as:

Therefore, joint activities of WG IV-4 with selected international and national associations will take place.


Planned Activities:

  • Workshop Geospatial Week 2023, Egypt
  • Workshop Commission IV Symposium 2024, Australia
  • Workshop Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai, 2025









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