Working Groups of ISPRS Commission V



WG V/1 - Education and Training through Curricula Development and Enhanced Learning Practices

Home Page:

Dimitrios Bolkas

Pennsylvania State University
Wilkes-Barre Campus
44 University Drive
Dallas, PA, 18612
+1 570-675-9127

Ivan Detchev

Department of Geomatics Engineering
University of Calgary,
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4
+1 403-220-4978

Erica Isabella Parisi

University of Florence, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Laboratory of Geomatics for Environment and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (Geco Lab)
Via di Santa Marta 3
50139 Florence

Matthew O’Banion

Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering
United States Military Academy at West Point
745 Brewerton Rd., Rm. 5412
West Point, NY 10996
+1 845-938-2326

WG V/1  Terms of Reference

  • Define the basic competencies that students should obtain to support existing and future industry needs, and balance important fundamentals with new techniques without overloading students.
  • Support and promote curricula development and modernization with input from academia, government, and industry
  • Support, promote, and disseminate new pedagogical and teaching approaches supported by technology to enhance learning, increase accessibility and widen participation.
  • Collaborate with other ISPRS working groups on how to coordinate efforts and meet mission objectives.



WG V/2 - Regional and International Education Programs

Home Page:

Maria Grazia D’Urso

University of Bergamo
Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Viale Marconi,5
24044 Dalmine (Bergamo)
+39 035 2052024
+39 035 2052095

Xian Guo

School of Geomatics and Urban Spatial Informatics
Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Beijing 100044
+86 15972045629

Eduard Angelats

Researcher Geomatics Research Unit
Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya
Building B4 08860
Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 7
+34 93 645 29 00

Maurizio Gibin

Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC)
Department of Geography
University College London
North West Wing
United Kingdom
+44 20 3108 1099

WG V/2  Terms of Reference

  •  Further support of existing ISPRS initiated projects collaborative education programs in the fields of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Spatial Information, Mapping at Universities.
  • Support, promote, stimulate and initiate international collaborative education programs dissemination efforts such as: seminars, tutorials, workshops, symposia, e-bulletins and other mechanisms & tools, in various levels aimed at: Researchers, PhD, MA, Undergraduate, Engineers, Technicians and other professionals.
  • Cooperate with other working groups within Commission V and other ISPRS commissions, on how to synchronize the efforts and how to cooperate in launching seminars and workshops.
  • Initiate and support: e-learning and remote teaching activities; development and integration of high-tech elements and tools in teaching and training.
  • Cooperating with other Geo-societies on issues of: common themes and goals. mobilizing lecturers; adopting efficient ways for planning and running the seminars; and how to share and cut expenses.
  • Cooperate with regional universities, organizations, and societies in order to stimulate them to cooperate, provide facilities, share local know how and offer a base for future further cooperation.
  • Search for universities and individuals that will reiterate the WG Seminars and collaborative education programs dissemination in other regions.
  • Dissemination of methodical recommendations, management of educational seminars and summer schools for the sharing of knowledge and experience of young professionals in the fields related to geo-sciences (photogrammetry, remote sensing, spatial information etc.).
  • Dissemination of innovative courses and techniques for writing Master and PhD's thesis proposal, and academic writing.
  • Dissemination of innovative educational courses on teaching and aimed at young university teachers working in the field of photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information.



WG V/3 - Open Source Promotion and Web-based Resource Sharing

Home Page:

Paolo Dabove

Politecnico di Torino
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
10129 Torino
+39 011 0907662

Darshana Rawal

Geomatics Lab, Università degli Studi di Udine,
Palazzo Antonini-Cernazai Via Tarcisio Petracco,
8, 33100 Udine
+91 9898078806

Rodrigo Gonzalez

National University of Technology
Rodriguez 273
Mendoza, M5502AJE
+54 261 5244563

Elena Belcore

Politecnico di Torino,
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
10129 Torino
+39 011 0907687

WG V/3  Terms of Reference

  • Promote open-source software utilization at both academic and professional levels, organizing webinars and seminars.
  • Promote the development of open-source software based on best practices in the context of geospatial technologies.
  • Cooperate with other Working Groups (e.g., those in Commission II, III and IV) and OSGeo for joint events and data sharing.
  • Organize joint sessions on open-source, and invite authors of the latest and most popular opensource software to provide tutorials for open-source promotion.
  • Co-organize webinars to help people learn and use geospatial technologies with the aid of open sources and Web-based resources.
  • Co-organize summer schools for undergraduate and graduate students and events for members of public entities to promote the use of open-data.
  • Collaborate with academic partners to introduce more use cases for teaching and education and industrial partners to adopt and propagate new technologies.
  • Support students and young scientists to organize and manage joint workshops and conferences and support their local initiatives (e.g. YouthMappers).
  • Promote special issues in ISPRS journals related to the topics of this WG.
  • Increase the motivation among the students and researchers to use in a web-based resourcesharing environment.



WG V/4 - Education and Awareness in Disaster Risk Management

Home Page:

S P Aggarwal

North Eastern Space Applications Centre
Department of Space
Government of India
+91 346 9897006414

Viktor Lagutov

Systems Laboratory
Central European University
Budapest, 1051, Nador ut. 9

Shyam S Kundu

Space & Atmospheric Science Division
North Eastern Space Applications Centre
Department of Space
Government of India
Umiam-793103, Shillong
+91 346 9436703241

WG V/4  Terms of Reference

  • Training program for the authorities involved in disaster management in protecting lives and property by means of acquainting them with advanced technologies, science-based analyses, and strategic learning.
  • Organize training, workshops, and lecture series to enhance the awareness, knowledge, and skill of decision-makers and major stakeholders on the benefits of geospatial technology for disaster management.
  • Develop training programs for the youths, teachers, and private sectors on all components of disaster risk management covering prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
  • Conduct awareness program in collaboration with the government and NGOs for school students and rural population aiming at familiarizing them with available products and services on disaster risk management and disaster response. 
  • Collaborate with national and international institutes to consolidate the best practices in disaster risk management.
  • Promote traditional knowledge and adaptation capabilities for sustainable disaster risk reduction approach in a changing climate.
  • Enhance the awareness and promotion of open source digital content, innovative and modern technologies and web based resources for disaster risk management
  • Collaboration with other ISPRS TC V working groups with similar missions, objectives, and activities.



WG V/5 - Education and Awareness in Blue Economy and Coastal Marine Environment

Home Page:

Ariel C. Blanco

Environmental Systems Applications of Geomatics Engineering (EnviSAGE)
Research and Development Laboratory
MH108-110 Melchor Hall
College of Engineering
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Metro Manila

Pramaditya Wicaksono

Universitas Gadjah Mada Indonesia
Faculty of Geography
Building D, 2nd Floor
Sleman, DIY
Indonesia 55281

Nguyen Thi Thu Ha

VNU University of Science
Faculty of Geology
Room 612, Building T5, 6th Floor
334 Nguyen Trai
Thanh Xuan district
Vietnam, 10000

Roseanne V. Ramos

University of the Philippines Diliman
College of Engineering
Quezon City 1101, Metro Manila

WG V/5  Terms of Reference

  • Development of the framework and curricula for educational and capability building activities to promote the utilization of GST4BluECoast
  • Promotion of GST4BluECoast through various educational and capacity building activities
  • Collaboration with various institutions and organizations at national and international levels on the promotion and utilization of GST4BluECoast
  • Development and deployment of modules, geospatial databases, and other materials to support the educational and capability building activities on GST4BluECoast.
  • Increase awareness and enable greater access, sharing, and use of relevant geospatial data and technologies in enhancing blue economy and conservation and sustainable use of coastal marine environments
  • Establishment of an inclusive network of institutions and individuals to promote, enhance, and sustain GST4BluECoast in selected countries.
  • Publication of white paper on the accomplishment of WG V and other GST4BluECoast papers in ISPRS conference proceedings and special issues of ISPRS journals
  • Collaboration with other ISPRS TC V working groups with related missions, objectives, and activities.



WG V/6 - Innovative Technologies in Training Civil Engineers and Architects

Home Page:

Karel Vach

Smichovska 944/9c
155 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic
+42 0251615987

Vladimir A. Seredovich

Siberian State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
113, Leningradskaya Str.
Novosibirsk, 630108
Russian Federation
7 (383) 266 81 51

Roman Shults

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture
31, Povitroflokskyj Ave
Kyiv, 03037
+38 067 230 70 09

Zdeněk Svatý

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)
Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Horská 2040/3
128 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic

Advisor - Honorary Co-Chair
Gottfried Konecny

Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
Nienburger Str. 1
D-30167 Hannover
+49 511 762 2487
+49 511 762 2483

Advisor - Honorary Secretary
Argina Novitskaya

Russian Federation

Regional Coordinator (USA)
Eugene Levin

Meharry Medical College
School of Applied Computational Sciences
1005 Dr. D.B. Todd Jr Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208
+1 906/487-2446
+1 906/487-2583

Regional Coordinator (Germany)
Reiner Jäger

Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft (HSKA) – University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Information Management and Media (IMM)
Moltkestrasse 30
+ 49 721 925 2620

Regional Coordinator (Germany)
Christian Clemen

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden (HTW Dresden),
Friedrich-List-Platz 1
01069 Dresden
+49 351 462 3199

Regional Coordinator (Italy)
Paolo Fiamma

University of Pisa
Lungarno Pacinotti 43
56126 Pisa
+39 050 2217722

Regional Coordinator (UK)
Craig Hancock

Loughborough University
Epinal Way, Loughborough
Leicestershire, UK
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1509 222624

Regional Coordinator (Greece)
Aikaterini Karagianni

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
School of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Thessaloniki, 541 24
+30 6996720533

Regional Coordinator (Nepal)
Laxmi Thapa

Survey Department
Ministry of Land Reform and Management
Min Bhawan, Kathmandu
P.O. Box: 9435

Regional Coordinator (Estonia)
Jüri Pärtna

DataCap Llc
Lelle 24, Tallinn
11318, Estonia
+372 5051145

Regional Coordinator (Lithuania)
Jūratė Sužiedelytė Visockienė

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Department of Geodesy and Cadastre
Sauletekio av. 11
LT-10223 Vilnius
+37 060607799

Regional Coordinator (Lithuania)
Eglė Tumelinė

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Department of Geodesy and Cadastre
Sauletekio av. 11
LT-10223 Vilnius
+37 062083286

Regional Coordinator (Iraq)
Nada Kadhim

Diyala University
Dept. of Civil Engineering
32001 Baqubah

Regional Coordinator (Nigeria)
Dupe Nihinlola Olayinka-Dosunmu

Federal School of Surveying
P.M.B. 1024, Oyo state

WG V/6  Terms of Reference

  • Teaching innovative geospatial technologies to get learning skills in assessing the environmental impact of construction, structure inventory, and certification.
  • Development of educational programs on applying photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS for solving problems of BIM for building life cycle support, town-planning and spatial territorial management
  • Geospatial education for civil engineering, particularly for roads, bridges, buildings construction, facilities management etc.
  • Smart Cities, Digital Twins, Spatial planning, Real estate management and their geospatial educational constituent.
  • VR/AR technologies for decision-support process in civil engineering and architecture.
  • Geospatial technologies for the decision-support process of renewal and development of the electricity system, development of electromobility infrastructure, and management of decentralized energy.
  • Development and implementation of Innovative techniques and technologies of photogrammetry and remote sensing for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree curricula and postgraduate studies in architecture, town planning, civil engineering, environmental engineering, geology, etc.
  • Methodical guidance, management of educational seminars and summer schools for the sharing of knowledge and experience of young professionals in photogrammetry, remote sensing, civil engineering, architecture, geomatics engineering, and GIS
  • Provide assistance in submitting projects on integrated educational programs financing by various organizations and those of under the EU auspices





ICWG V/IV - Spatial Information Science Education

Home Page:

Anjana Vyas

Department of Planning
L J University
India 360009
+91 9825522844

Zaffir Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse

AAM Woolpert Group & Chair Industry-Academia Committee
World Geospatial Industry Council
Level 1, 4-10 Amsterdam St.
Richmond, VIC 3121
+61 415294388

Salvatore Amaduzzi

GEOmatics Lab
University of Udine
Via Petracco, 8
33100 Udine
+39 0432 556906

Sulochana Shekhar

Department of Geography
Central University of Tamil Nadu
Thiruvarur 610005
Tamil Nadu
+91 9445242306 / 8123127188

Adjoa Agyinba Tetteh Gyamera

University of Energy and Natural Resources
Directorate of Works and The hysical Development
P.O BOX 214

Harpal Shashikantbhai Dave

Town and Country Planning Organisation
Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Govt. of India
New Delhi
+91 011 - 2337 8396

Dietrich Schröder

Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart
Dean's Office of the Faculty of Surveying, Computer Science and Mathematics
Building 2 - Room 2/364
Schloßstr. 26
70174 Stuttgart
+49 163 1869422

Sirish Ravan

Vienna International Center
PO Box 500
1400 Vienna
+43 1 260605293
+43 -1 260605830

Krishna Prasad Bhandari

Center for Space Science and Geomatics Studies
Pashchimanchal Campus
Institute of Engineering
Tribhuvan University
Kaski, Ganndaki Province Nepal

ICWG V/IV  Terms of Reference

  • To coordinate with TC V and TC IV for respective mandates on education and spatial information science and derive respective activities.
  • To organize online training programme in the relevant fields and various applications of SIS Education.
  • To develop framework for educational promotional activities.
  • To organize periodically organize conferences, workshops, webinars of experts lectures relevant to local and regional requirements of geospatial technology.
  • To participate in ISPRS’s education as well as scientific activities achieving societal benefits.
  • To assist TC V in organizing CATCON.




The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. The Society operates without any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, nationality, or political philosophy.

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